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March 31, 2009

Old moon photos tell new tales

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The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project is providing a digital makeover of images of the moon taken from NASA spacecraft more than 40 years ago.Images of the moon gleaned from NASA spacecraft more than 40 years ago are now getting a 21st-century makeover, thanks to the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project.

Colbert challenges NASA over node name

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Comedian Stephen Colbert is pulling out all the stops in his campaign to have NASA name a new room of the International Space Station after him.

Hubble-saving space shuttle moves to launch pad

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Space shuttle Atlantis rolls atop the crawler transporter out to launch pad 39-a at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Atlantis is scheduled for a May launch to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The space shuttle Atlantis moved out to its seaside launch pad in Florida early Tuesday to prepare for NASA's long-delayed final flight to the iconic Hubble Space Telescope.

Virginia fireball said to be meteor, not rocket

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See stunning views of rocket launches and outer-space wonders from March 2009.A brilliant fireball in the Virginia sky on Sunday was likely a natural meteor event and not the remnants of a Russian rocket, scientists now say, a reversal from yesterday's initial analysis.

March 30, 2009

‘Most habitable zone’ on Mars revealed

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NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander’s solar panel and the lander’s Robotic Arm Evidence is building that NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander plopped down on a microbe-friendly location.

Mystery flash traced to Russian space junk

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A mysterious flash of light that was witnessed in the skies over Virginia may have been caused by the re-entry of space junk from last week's launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket, seen here.A mysterious boom and flash of light seen over parts of Virginia were caused by exploding space junk from a Russian Soyuz rocket, says a spokesman for the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Cosmonaut grumbles about space bureaucracy

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See stunning views of rocket launches and outer-space wonders from March 2009.A veteran Russian cosmonaut has said arguments over how to share the space station's food, water, toilets and other facilities have complicated the crew's work and affected morale, according to an interview published Monday.

What lies in store for the Mars rovers?

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A digital model of the Opportunity rover was added to a real image of the inside of Endurance Crater on Mars taken earlier by Opportunity itself. The size of the six-wheeled robot was scaled to the size of the tracks that the Opportunity rover actually created. Their 90-day warranty expired awhile ago, but NASA's twin Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are still trundling along the Martian surface en route to their next destinations more than five years after landing on the red planet.

March 28, 2009

Shuttle Discovery returns to Earth after delay

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As onlookers watch from the sidelines, the space shuttle Discovery touches down at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday.After a slight weather-caused delay, the shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven returned to Earth on Saturday, wrapping up a power-boosting space station construction mission.

Glitch complicates Russian space arrival

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NASA astronaut Michael Barratt, left, floats into the international space station and immediately gets a greeting hug from Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov on Saturday.A Russian cosmonaut steered a Soyuz capsule carrying billionaire Charles Simonyi into a successful docking at the international space station Saturday after sensors showed a last-minute problem with one of the capsule’s engines.

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