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November 30, 2008

Space shuttle touches down in California

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The space shuttle landed Sunday in sunny California, after being diverted there by stormy weather at NASA's Florida spaceport. Commander Christopher Ferguson guided Endeavour down at 4:25 p.m. ET. Space shuttle Endeavour and its seven astronauts safely returned to Earth on Sunday, taking a detour to sunny California after storms hit the main landing strip in Florida.

Problems force manual docking at space station

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The Progress capsule approaches the international space station prior to docking Sunday.A Russian cosmonaut used a joystick to guide a modernized cargo ship to the international space station Sunday after problems with an automated system prompted a last-minute switch to a manual docking.

November 28, 2008

Searchers find remains of fireball meteor

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University of Calgary graduate student Ellen Milley poses with a fragment of a meteorite in a small pond near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan in Canada on Friday. Scientists said they found remains of a meteor that illuminated the sky before falling to earth in western Canada in November. Searchers have found the remains of a 10-ton meteor that produced a dramatic fireball in the skies over the Canadian Prairies this month, researchers said on Friday.

Space shuttle Endeavour heads for home

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The space shuttle Endeavour and its crew of seven have left the international space station.

November 27, 2008

Astronauts toast Thanksgiving in orbit

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Nov. 24: NASA astronaut Don Pettit demonstrates his teardrop-shaped cup, which lets him drink beverages (such as a Thanksgiving toast) in the weightlessness of space without a straw. (Other)Astronauts raised an iced-tea toast to Thanksgiving and ate a traditional turkey dinner before saying their farewells at the international space station.

November 26, 2008

Hopes rise for liquid water on Saturn moon

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In this artist's concept, the Cassini spacecraft makes a close pass over Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, to study plumes from geysers that erupt from giant fissures in the moon's southern polar region. Astronomers looking at the spectacular supersonic plumes of gas and dust shooting off one of Saturn's moons say there are strong hints of liquid water, a key building block of life.

Skywatchers spot ‘lost’ space tool kit

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Nov. 26: NBC's Brian Williams reports on the bag of tools that went missing during a space expedition.  (Nightly News)Amateur astronomers are monitoring a shiny tool bag that has been orbiting Earth ever since it was dropped last week by an astronaut during a spacewalk outside the international space station.

Astronauts pack up for return to Earth

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Endeavour astronaut Don Pettit works on the international space station's water recycling system on Nov. 19. The system suffered through some glitches after installation, but space station commander Mike Fincke said Tuesday's test was successful.With their visit winding down, the world's 10 space travelers zipped up a huge shipping crate at the international space station on Wednesday for return to Earth aboard space shuttle Endeavour.

Big move for space chess

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Science editor Alan Boyle's blog: NASA's orbiting chess player is getting ready for the biggest move since his epic "Earth vs. space" match began — the move back down to Earth.Science editor Alan Boyle's blog: NASA's orbiting chess player is getting ready for the biggest move since his epic "Earth vs. space" match began — the move back down to Earth.

European ministers pledge billions for space

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European Space Agency Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain speaks during a press conference after a two-day meeting at the World Forum Convention Center in The Hague, Netherlands.In spite of the global economic crisis, European ministers pledged 10 billion euros ($12.8 billion) Wednesday to an ambitious list of 30 space missions, including one to put a robotic rover on Mars.

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