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October 31, 2008

Dark matter may shine with invisible ‘dark light’

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Dark matter particles might interact with each other through a 'dark' electromagnetic force

Venus and the moon to treat or trick

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The scene just after sunset from midnorthern latitudes on Oct. 31.Venus and the moon will deliver a Halloween treat visible this evening just as little ghosts and goblins head out to gather candy.

Phoenix Mars Lander resurrected

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This artist's rendition, provided by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. shows the Phoenix lander on the arctic plains of Mars digging a trench through the upper soil layer. NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander regained contact with Earth more than a day after falling silent, but its days on the Red Planet are still numbered, mission managers said Thursday.

October 30, 2008

Hubble repair mission postponed again

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Problems with a spare part for the telescope will delay a shuttle repair mission from February to no earlier than May

Astrobotic reveals moon mission plans

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Astrobotic Technology's Red Rover rolls off its Artemis lander after touching down on the moon in an artist's rendering. Astrobotic is one of the competitors for the Google Lunar X Prize.A private group planning to launch a moon rover to the famed Apollo 11 landing site in a bid to win a $20 million prize announced an ambitious plan Thursday to send five more spacecraft to explore the lunar poles.

Revived Hubble snaps perfect picture

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Just a couple of days after the Hubble Space Telescope was brought back online, the orbiting observatory aimed its prime working camera, the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, at a pair of galaxies called Arp 147.The Hubble Space Telescope is working again, taking stunning cosmic photos after a breakdown a month ago. But NASA offered some bad news Thursday about longer-term repairs for the 18-year-old telescope.

Ghostly gallery: Spooky images from space

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View a ghoulish gallery that includes a stellar Lord of the Rings, a spectral eel and a death mask on Mars

Cosmic Log: Lunar lander deal struck

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Meteorites give clues to planet formation

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Meteorites that are among the oldest rocks ever found have provided new clues about the conditions that existed at the beginning of the solar system, solving a longstanding mystery and overturning some accepted ideas about the way planets form.

Is it time to say good-bye to Hubble?

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Nearly $1 billion may seem like a lot of money to spend on an ageing satellite, but the 11-tonne Hubble Space Telescope is no ordinary orbiter. The probe has long been the flagship of modern astronomy, returning stunning images of...

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