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August 29, 2008

NASA studies changes in shuttle plan

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Inside the 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the space shuttle Atlantis is prepared for its mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.The space agency says it is studying the implications of delaying the retirement of the shuttle fleet, now set for 2010, so that the incoming president and Congress can consider their options.

Vegas attraction ‘beams up’ to its final frontier

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An actor leads Star Trek fans through the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. The attraction will close Sept. 1 after a 10 year run at the hotel.After a decade at the final frontier, Star Trek: The Experience is going where no Las Vegas Strip attraction wants to go.

Mars rover clambers out of Victoria Crater

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NASA's Opportunity rover has emerged from the gaping crater it has explored for nearly a year

Doorstep astronomy: Venus shines bright

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On August 29 from midnorthern latitudes, Venus will be visible low above the western horizon after sunset. If you're lucky you might catch Mars and Mercury too. If you can't find it, keep looking during the coming weeks; Venus will set later after sunset every night, eventually becoming an unmissable "evening star." Venus will be visible low above the western horizon after sunset. If you're lucky you might catch Mars and Mercury too.

Computer meltdowns in space: a short history

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The virus recently found on a space station laptop is only the latest extraterrestrial computer glitch

Space station computer virus raises security concerns

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A computer worm found on a station laptop is benign, but its discovery is a 'wake-up call' to fortify computer security in space

NASA’s ‘electronic nose’ could sniff out cancer

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A device designed to detect leaks on the space shuttle could help pinpoint cancer cells during brain surgery

August 28, 2008

Space station dodges controversial junk

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The international space station, shown here in a photo taken from the shuttle Discovery in June, had to change course this week by firing the thrusters on Europe's docked Automated Transfer Vehicle. The ATV and its four solar panels are visible at the bottom of the image.For the first time in five years, the international space station changed course on Wednesday to avoid a piece of space junk — in this case, satellite debris that the Russians have insisted wasn't there.

Dead star inside Crab Nebula still shines bright

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This image of the Crab Nebula, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, reveals the intricate epitaph of a long-dead star.The glowing Crab Nebula, a spectacular and colorful object famously imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope, represents the leftovers from a supernova explosion observed by Chinese and Arab astronomers in 1054 C.E.

Cosmic particle accelerator pinpointed in Crab Nebula

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Charged particles are being accelerated to near-light speeds by a doughnut-shaped magnetic field around the nebula's famous pulsar
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