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March 31, 2008

Cosmic Log: Embrace the dark side

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Space freighter ready for its close-up

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In this image from NASA TV the Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle as it approaches the International Space Station, Monday, March 31, 2008, for a practice maneuver. It moved to withn 36 feet of the Zvezda Service Module in rehearsal for docking on Thursday. (AP Photo/NASA TV) **EDITORIAL USE ONLY, NO SALES**Europe's massive Jules Verne space freighter wrapped up its final dress rehearsal high above Earth on Monday, priming the ship for a Thursday docking with the international space station.

NASA’s next launch delayed until May 31

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. --- Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the external tank for space shuttle Discovery is suspended over the transfer aisle as it is lifted up into a checkout cell for processing. The tank will be stacked with solid rocket boosters for Discovery's launch on the STS-124 mission. On the mission, the shuttle will transport the Kibo Japanese Experiment Module - Pressurized Module and the Japanese Remote Manipulator System.NASA's next space shuttle launch has been delayed until May 31, nearly a week late because of extra time needed to get the fuel tank to Florida.

Radiation could rule out Mars mission

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Dangerous levels of radiation in space could bar astronauts from a mission to Mars and limit prolonged activity on the moon, experts now caution.

Moscow planetarium mired in dispute

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** FILE ** The Moscow Planetarium on the Garden Ring road of the Russian capital, is seen in this Aug. 3, 1972 file photo. Opened in 1929 the futuristic silver-domed building has been closed for repairs since 1994. Plans to reopen the landmark structure, shut shortly after the Soviet collapse, are mired in a years-long struggle for control over an institution situated on one of the pricier patches of real estate on planet Earth.  (AP Photo/ RIA Novosti, File)  **  NO ARCHIVE NO SALES  NOT BE STORED OR USED FOR MORE THAN 30 DAYS AFTER THE DAY OF TRANSMISSION **For decades, Soviet schoolchildren flocked to the Moscow Planetarium to gaze at the stars. Now plans to reopen the landmark silver-domed structure, shut for repairs 14 years ago, are mired in a struggle for control of an institution situated on a pricey patch of real estate.

Would Martian life leave fibers behind?

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Drilling into bubbles trapped in ancient salt samples revealed that microbe-made cellulose fibers can remain perfectly in tact for at least 250 million years. Scientists think seeking out cellulose in salt deposits on Mars might be the best way to confirm the past existence of life there.Scientists think Martian microbes would have left behind a fuzz of fibers.

March 28, 2008

Cosmic Log: Doomsday fears spark lawsuit

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A stargazer’s guide to the spring sky

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We're now more than a week into the spring season (even if, meteorologically, in some parts of the country it's still very much wintry), and high in our current evening sky the most famous stars of spring are to be found making up the constellation of Leo, the Lion.

Schools team to research life in space

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The University of Hawaii at Hilo and the Colorado School of Mines said they will jointly research supporting human life in outer space.

Atom-smasher fears spark lawsuit

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A federal lawsuit claims that the world's largest particle collider could destroy the earth, but experts say there's nothing to fear.

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