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February 29, 2008

Cosmic Log: Sneak peek at the virtual universe

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Space company considers leaving New Mexico

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A British rocket company, cited by New Mexico economic development officials as a potential tenant at the state's spaceport, is looking at other launch sites in Florida and Europe.

For every star, there is a season

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The Earth must turn about one degree (or about 4 minutes) more than a full circle to complete a 24-hour day as measured by the sun.  That slight shift each day is what makes the different stars and constellations appear at different times of the year.

Space shuttle cleared for March 11 launch

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In this photo released by NASA shows the space shuttle Endeavour sitting on the launch pad prior to sunrise after its 3.4 mile trip from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the pad at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. Monday, Feb. 18, 2008. Endeavour is scheduled for launch March 11 on a flight to the International Space Station. (AP Photo/NASA, HO)NASA managers on Friday cleared the U.S. space shuttle Endeavour for lift-off on March 11 on the first of three flights to deliver a huge Japanese research complex to the International Space Station.

Theory of recent Mars water turns to dust

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The light-colored area in this image shows gully activity on the surface of Mars, which scientists now think was created by a dusty avalanche - not flowing water.In a blow to hopes for finding water and life on Mars, scientists think bright streaks detected inside Martian gullies after 1999 were not spurts of water, but rather avalanches of dust.

World’s biggest particle smasher completed

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A 100-ton wheel, the last piece of an ambitious experiment that scientists hope will help unlock the secrets of the universe, was successfully lowered into an underground cavern on Friday.

February 28, 2008

NASA chief warns of possible job cuts

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Several thousand NASA contractors in Florida and Louisiana could be out of work once the space shuttle flies its last mission in 2010, the head of the U.S. space agency told a Senate panel Feb. 27.

NASA Mars project faces technical, cost issues

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The Mars Science Lab will be the most advanced and expensive unmanned probe ever sent to the Martian surface. The 9-foot-long mobile robot is larger and can travel farther than the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity, that are still alive four years after parachuting to opposite ends of Mars.NASA's flagship mission to land a nuclear-powered, next-generation rover on Mars is facing development problems and ballooning costs that could threaten its scheduled launch next year.

Satellite fallout delays rocket launch

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The launch of a rocket carrying a secret payload has been postponed to avoid possible space debris from the destruction of a spy satellite.

Venus mysteries blamed on huge collision

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The surface of Venus in infrared, as depicted by the Magellan spacecraft. While not molten any longer, Venus' atmosphere blankets the planet to maintain lead-melting air temperatures--a similar effect scientists think helped keep Mars molten for tens of millions of yearsAstronomers have spent decades trying to figure out the reasons behind Venus' mysterious properties. Now one scientist thinks the planet's formation may explain them all.

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